FL Crane & Sons, Inc. represents a generation of dedicated laborers, working together to build a reputation that is second to none.  That reputation began in the 1940’s as a one-man operation, designed to meet the needs of a society facing the Great Depression. Now FL Crane & Sons is one of the most extensive finishing contractors in the nation.  We’ve stretched out our hands to achieve a standard untouched by competitors. And this is why our list of capabilities continues to grow with the ever-changing landscape of the construction industry. The decreasing experienced labor workforce has given FL Crane & Sons the opportunity to invest in new means and methods to maximize our aforementioned reputation.  These new means and methods are what we have categorized as our Off-Site Construction capabilities where we’re panelizing Interior and Exterior wall panels off-site in a few of our controlled warehouse environments. We have identified this is the future of construction in the markets we cover and are extremely excited to serve our customers in way they’ve never experienced.

FL Crane & Sons, Inc. is a small business that my father, FL Crane, established in 1947.  Our company started with five or six people. Over the years, my brother, Jimmie and I were brought into the business.  In 1963, the business was incorporated. By 1985, the small corporation had opened two other locations, one in Austin, TX and the other in Angie, LA.  At that time, approximately 150 were employed. Then in the early 1990’s, the Casino Construction began. Based on the success of these smaller offices, as well as the Fulton Division and the modern technology of being able to estimate jobs with a computer rather than by hand, additional offices were opened in Memphis, TN, Jackson, MS, Ocean Springs, MS, Huntsville, AL, Tuscaloosa, AL, and Cleveland, MS.  Our corporation now consists of the headquarters being in Fulton, MS along with 12 other branch offices with a workforce of over 600 people. Our philosophy is that with the proper management, any business opened will be an asset to our employees, the surrounding community and ourselves.

– Johnny Crane


Our mission at FL Crane and Sons is to provide the highest quality of workmanship amongst all of our offerings while achieving the highest level of safety protocols set for our industry. We strive to bring value to our customers through strategic and innovative construction methods in order to achieve a successful project and to create true business partners going forward.


At FL Crane and Sons we’ve had the opportunity to build a strong foundation due to our longevity in the construction industry with us being founded in 1947, and that comes from a solid list of Core Values that has progressed over time as we continue to grow. Our Core Values are something we ask our people to refer to on a daily basis for every decision, but these values are magnified during a situation like we face currently with the COVID-19 pandemic.

FLC Core Values

  • Safety
  • Dependability
  • Innovation
  • Tradition
  • Excellence

We feel that these Core Values combined with positive perspectives will continue to propel us through the current crisis just as they have in the past and will in the future.